Create Your Own Art With Paint By Number

paint by number kit contents

Step 1: Setup

Unpack your your new paint by number kit. Lay out all the acrylic paints, brushes, and canvas on a clean, flat surface. 

paint by number kit coded paints

Step 2: Paint

Match the number on the canvas to the number on the paint. Wash & dry brushes with water between paint colors.

completed paint by number kit

Step 3: Admire

You have finished your first adult paint by number. Sit back, pour yourself a nice glass of wine, and enjoy your new painting.

Watch it Happen in less than 2 minutes

Thoughts From Our Happy Customers

I love this colorful picture that is a paint by numbers on canvas, and you get three paintbrushes to get-r-done. I have already ordered 4. This is relaxing to do.

Donna P.

This was one of my favorite projects. The various areas to paint are very small and detailed and required my focus - which turns out is extremely relaxing. The end result is quite beautiful.

MaryBeth R.

I love to paint but sometimes I don't know what to paint. This takes that out of the equation, you still get the relaxing effects of painting without having to be too creative.

Erin A.